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Wade Thurman 

Songs: Walls (AGF CD 1)

About the Music: "I picked this song (Walls) because I like it, I've had good comments, and I wanted to submit something that used acoustic guitar as a part of a whole ensemble sound and might add something a bit different to the AGF CD. I was hoping to contrast with songs that use acoustic guitar as a completely primary instrument - show a slightly different role, while still being an important piece of the musical puzzle. I wrote it pretty much in one sitting, with tweaks over time. The style of play is sort of a percussive, rhythmic fingerstyle in an attempt to get some power into the sound of the guitar without strumming per se.

Overall, the song is about what I was going through at that time in a relationship with someone who was emotionally unavailable (validly so). It is mostly the conflict between wanting it to work so badly and still feeling the need for self-preservation and respect for where someone else wants to be."

Recording information: "The song was recorded at Louisville Recording Arts in Louisville, Kentucky. The console was two tandem Yamaha O2R's and the software was Samplitude 8 (with a transition to 9). The acoustic guitar was recorded using two Audio-Technica AT4033's at the lower bout and mid-neck positions."

Instruments Used: "I used a 2006 Taylor GS-RS with Elixir 80/20 lights, no cutaway. I also used a Warmoth VW kit guitar using a neck position EMG "S" model pickup (single coil in a humbucking-shaped casing). There are basically four guitar parts being played... the main acoustic, left and right electrics playing an alternating fingerpicked "pad", and the solo electric, using an Samplitude Amp Modeling and E*Bow.

Other instrumentation: Bass, Drums, Hammond B3, Electric Piano, Tambourine, Shaker. Overall, from rehearsal to completion of recording (not including the mix), about 3.5 - 4 hours; a tribute to competence and artistry of the other musicians with whom I had the privilege to play.”

Tuning: "The song is in G, tuning is Drop D. No Capo."




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