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Songs: Ashes to Ashley (AGF2)

About the Music: "The song was written for my daughter, Ashley.  It’s a song about astral travel – physically going to other places while dreaming – to find Ashley.  She was always aloof and hard to reach, even as a child.  I had done some reading about astral travel and decided to combine it with communicating to Ashley.

Even though I had always played the song solo with acoustic guitar and vocals, I had some ideas for expanding it with other instruments when I got around to recording it.  This included the bridge moving to a more up tempo beat with an electric solo.  I usually begin recording with a skeleton of the song in place, but experiment a lot with using different instruments and arrangements.  This song was no different.  I got the idea for adding violin when I thought I was done with the song."

Instruments / Recording Information: "Ashes to Ashley was recorded in my home studio.  My main system is a Mac Pro with Dual Core Intel Xeon 2.66Ghz processors, 2GB of memory and separate system and audio drives.

Recording interface:  ProToolsLE, version 7.3 running on a Digi002 rack system.  Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones, Mackie 864 powered monitors.

Microphones:  Audio Technica AT4033 (acoustic guitars) and AKG 414-B XL (vocals)

Preamps/compression:  a dual channel FMR RNP (Really Nice Preamp) and FMR RNC (Really Nice Compressor) for vocals and all acoustic guitars.

Effects:  Universal Audio plugins (RealVerb, Precision EQ, UAD EX-1 Equalizer/Compressor)

Acoustic guitars were both recorded in stereo.  I like a bigger sound for acoustic guitar tones, so I typically use large diaphragm condenser mics instead of small diaphragm.  Two AT4033’s were positioned in X-Y pattern about 12 inches from the 14th fret.  From there, I experiment with each one till I find the sweet spot.  The Goodall Royal Hawaiian is the best acoustic I have ever played – it’s the one I inevitably use to record acoustic rhythm guitar parts.  My Bourgeois’ are close seconds.

Instruments Used:

• Acoustic Rhythm Guitar:  Goodall Royal Hawaiian (all Koa Jumbo)
• Acoustic Lead Guitar:  Bourgeois Country Boy Custom (Adirondack top, quilted Sapaele Mahogany back and sides)
• Electric Rhythm Guitar:  Fender Custom Shop, 1957 Stratocaster (shoreline gold) loaded with Holy Grail Lace pickups.
• Electric Lead Guitar:  1982 Fender Vintage Series ’52 Reissue Telecaster loaded with Joe Barden pickups.
• Bass:  Fender Precision Special through a Rane AP-13 preamp.
• Amplifier:  All electrics were run through a Boss GT8 guitar effects processor and amp modeler.
• “Violin”:  Fender Vintage Series Stratocaster (1962 reissue) with GK3 synth pickup trough a Roland GR20 Guitar Synthesizer. 
• Drum Tracks:  programmed with Reason 3.0.





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