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Songs: Take These Wings (AGF2)

About the Music: "Rick and I have been playing and performing together for nearly 6 years. We’ve gotten to the point with our musical relationship that we can predict where the other is going and we end up playing off each other and improvising through many of our pieces and our performances. We rarely play the same piece the same way twice. This is an original composition that was written in 2007. When Rick and I write together, often times one of us will begin by playing and improvising on a riff or chord progression and the other will join in. This song was one of those compositions. Rick had a great chord progression that he showed me and when I  started working with it  he came back in with an second part that  was so spontaneous but so perfect.  Rick originally wanted to add some lyrics that he had written but the more we played and worked the progressions, the more we felt that it was best served as an instrumental. We kept the title “Take These Wings” which seemed to fit the flow of the piece perfectly."

Instruments / Recording Information: "This piece was recorded on a Korg D12. Guitars were recorded direct into the recorder as well as using 2 Naiant MHK-1 condenser microphones"

Instruments Used:  I am playing both a 2003 414ce and a 2002 514ce. Rick is playing a 2004 310ce as well as keys and bass. "




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