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Songs: Turn off the Sun by Michael Koehn and Manuel Chapa (AGF CD 1)

About the Music: "We recently recorded 3 songs for the purpose of  securing some summer gigs and at the time of the deadline, only 2 were complete.... I wish we had a cheerier background story but the lyrical content was "inspired" by Manuel's time working in a... behavioral health hospital. Many incredibly gifted and talented people have the misfortune of being plagued by mental illness and /or  are the victim of poor self control and decision making skills. The lyrics are meant to convey the helplessness that some of these people feel as they seemingly fly too close to the sun. The underlining major chord progression is meant to contrast these feelings and maybe inject a certain sense of hope.

Recording Information: "The entire recording was accomplished in two living room recording sessions on a standalone 16 track hard disk recorder: Fostex VF160
The 714 was recorded direct thru an Ultrasound DI plus, using the onboard ES pickups. (I know, I know...not an AGF favorite)
The acoustic part was recorded twice and panned hard left and right.
The T5 was recorded direct thru a Line 6 POD xtLive and was also doubled and panned"

Instruments Used: "Acoustic guitar: "Coco" 2003 Taylor 714ce LTD Summer Strummer Cocobolo back and sides w/sitka top mmm..mmm...maple binding : ) It's loaded with a Bob Colosi FWI saddle and a custom TRC from the Cap'n
Electric guitar: "Merlot" 2005 Taylor T5-S1 redburst maple top"

Tuning: "Standard tuning, although we've been known to tune down a 1/2 step to help with those high harmonies when we play live."

About the Artists: "We perform as a duo but are often joined by percussionist Jerry Lee, who adds some groovy conga and djembe. Although we have 2 sets of original material, we do cover a wide range of artists in our live sets. We all have diverse musical backgrounds and have played throughout the country and the world, but we've all settled in Northern Calif. (for now). "




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