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Songs: Headin' North (AGF 1), No Saddle (AGF 2)

About the Music: (Headin' North) "It is a very meaningful song to me and my wife. A good friend of ours, who had been a friend of my wife since childhood and was Godmother to one of our children, died at a “much too young” age after many years of dealing with personal demons. We had lost touch with her the last few years even though we tried to stay in touch, so it hit us hard when we heard the news. The song is basically about our thoughts and emotions as we made the long drive from Massachusetts to the White Mountains in NH for the funeral. It’s quite literal really and I recently sent a mix to her mother as a gift. The exercise of writing this song was for me, a way of coping with the loss, regrets and sadness of the situation."

Instruments Used: "This recording used 3 guitars, a Blueridge BR183 which is a 000 sized body with a solid spruce top and rosewood back and sides. A Martin 0000 which has recently been re-released as the M38 – Grand Auditorium solid spruce/rosewood. The 3rd is an Alvarez Nylon string MC90C cutaway. Western Cedar top with rosewood back and sides. All were recorded using an Audio Technica AT-4051 mic. The Blueridge and Martin are panned left and right with 2 tracks of the Alvarez Nylon more centered and way in the background."

Recording Information: "The song was recorded in two locations.  The guitar parts were recorded by Seth Connelly at his studio, Humming Lake Studio, in Brookline NH. He is a good friend of mine and an amazing musician. We have played together for years....
As for the string and vocals, they were done in what used to be a bedroom in my house that has been converted into a small, temporary home studio. I set this up to record songs I have written over the years, including a few new ones such as Headin’ North, and to hopefully produce a CD sometime soon. I did all the vocals myself using ProTools LE 7.3, a Samson C03 large diaphragm condenser and Presonus TubePRE mic preamp."

About the Artist: "I’ve been a singer/songwriter my whole life, performed thousands of gigs in countless venues but this would be my first published song. "

No Saddle - Joe Barbieri, Edward Goyette Sr.

About the Music: “This represents the first time I’ve ever been inspired to write a song based on work in another medium. It is based on an original poem, No Saddle, written by my uncle Edward Goyette Sr. Now in his 70’s, he has written volumes of poems along with other types of observational writings and sketches. When he showed this one to me, it just clicked. It was one of those songs that came to me all at once. I kept it a secret while I was working on the recording and it was pretty fun to see the look on his face when I first let him hear it. I’ll be looking forward to sending him a copy of this CD, which as of this writing is also a secret!”

Instruments Used: “The acoustic rhythm tracks were all done with my ‘04 Martin D35. The electric rhythm tracks were done with a ’99 Fender American Standard Telecaster. The bass tracks were done with ’76 Fender Precision bass. The lead guitar was a '54 National Dynamic lap steel into a THD Univalve amp.” 

Recording Information: "The song was mainly recorded at “This used to be a Bedroom” studios in Chelmsford MA using ProTools LE. The acoustic and electric rhythm guitars, strings, drums and all the vocals were done by me, with the bass being played by Dave Comtois, a lifelong friend and fellow Fishman employee. The beautiful slide guitar lead work was done by another great friend, Ed Gerhard, at his home studio.

About the Artist: I’ve been writing and performing since I was 15 (too long ago to mention how long ago that actually was!) I spent 10 years as owner and operator of a music store in Wilmington MA, and then went to work for Fishman where I’ve been for coming up on 15 years. Through it all, I’ve continued to play and write original music. I’m about to release my first CD in the Summer of ‘09…. Finally!




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