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Songs: Borderline Normal (AGF CD 1)


About the Music:  “Borderline Normal” is the title track to my first CD. I use primarily alternate tunings so, again, the title is rather fitting.  I earn my living as a teacher and two of the other musicians that performed on the recording are former students. Including Matt Harting who accompanies me on this track.  I should also mention that playing my Mcilroy  is inspirational in and of its self... I have never played a guitar that has been able to match it sonically... it is that good!!

I picked this song for submission because it has a very lively feel and is a bit unusual, hence the name Borderline Normal. I  came up with the title of song when I ahd my medical physical and my doctor told me my EKG was borderline normal and that I should carry copy of it with me at all times... what better way to carry it than in my head (Ha, Ha,)"

Recording Information: The song was recorded in my home, the family room to be exact, using two AKG  414B-XLS mics and Protools. The recording chain included a Apogee Mini-Me and an  Digi Design M-box. The AKG’s were set on the figure eight pattern so that we faced each other and could use both mics to record the sweet spot where the neck joins the body of each guitar and approximately the  middle of the lower bout of each guitar. Distance from each guitar was approximately six or seven inches (Matt Harting is playing the Larrivee, I am playing the Mcilroy). 

Instruments Used: "1st Guitar made by Dermot Mcilroy in November of 2002. It is  #111, Model# AJ25cx (Venetian cutaway, cedar top & English Walnut back & sides). This is the first Mcilroy to have the Celtic trinity Knot fret board design which I designed. The head stock also has a black abalone raven inlaid in the head stock. This guitar was Tuned DADF#AD The 2nd Guitar is a 2006 Larrivee LV-05 tuned to  EADGBE. No capos were used."





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