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About the Music: "I chose "Kui Lima" because it's representative of my approach to slack key - authentically idiomatic but willing to be slightly exploratory. I composed a "Kui Lima" as a recessional for a wedding. I sought to combine an uplifting and celebratory feeling with a touch of romantic intimacy. The title means "Hand in Hand." I was inspired by the playing of one of my Hawaiian slack key heroes, Kevin Brown of Maui, who showed me that Taropatch (open G) tuning doesn't have to limit one's choice of chord voicings and colors."

Recording Information: "In this case, I used my Fostex FR2-LE recorder and a pair of Schoeps CMC641 mics in X/Y, 18" from the 14th fret. I recorded at 14.4 Khz and 24 bits, then applied a touch of EQ and a bit of "hand limiting" or manual peak reduction in Adobe Audition 1.5. "

Instruments Used: "2003 Kathy Wingert Model E Cutaway, Madagascar Rosewood and Italian Spruce. The rich signature tone and singing sustain that Kathy builds into her guitars make them exquisite slack key guitars."

Tuning: "By definition, Hawaiian slack key is played in alternate tunings. In this case I used open G (DGDGBD), called Taropatch tuning by Hawaiians."

About the Artist: "In the late 90s I had lost my love for playing or even listening to music, but when I heard Hawaiian slack key for the first time in 1999 my love of music was reborn. I've been hooked on this beautiful style ever since, and my goal is to introduce people to the joys of slack key and Hawaiian music in general. To that end I've performed, written instructional materials, taught workshops, posted clips on YouTube, and recorded a CD. My CD, "Kaleponi" is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, all the usual sub-indie outlets. An earlier version of "Kui Lima" is included on that CD. For more information about me, my music, and slack key, please visit"




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