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Songs: Reckless (AGF CD Vol 1), The Forgotten Question (AGF CD Vol 2)

About the music: "Reckless: I like this song for its up-tempo, rolling feel and thought it might provide good energy for the CD. TFQ: This is a quiet ballad I wrote for my wife, Paula...I think it compresses a lot of emotion into a very short melodic structure.

Reckless grew out of some experimentation with two techniques: use of a cut capo and a rolling right-hand lick I learned from the Alex De Grassi song "Western." The two things came together and suddenly the central theme of the tune popped out.
TFQ was written as a birthday gift for my wife. For me it has a certain narrative quality to it - a story about maturing and getting wiser.

What I like most about Reckless is the strong rhythmic foundation and the way the cut capo allows me to ride the melody line across that open top string, letting certain notes ring in a way that a conventional tuning would not permit. I think that's key to the flavor of the song.

TFQ is, for me, a straight ballad - the challenge is to play it with true emotion and not to overcomplicate it."

Instruments Used: "Reckless was done on a Goodall concert jumbo, 1996, no cutaway, Sitka spruce top and koa body. As for The Forgotten Question - a Woolson LG double-top guitar."

Recording Information:  "Both songs were recorded in a home studio setting, though Reckless was done in my old Chicago home and TFQ was recorded in my new home in actually two different home studios.

The mike setup for Reckless was: a Neumann KM184 5" from the lower bout, panned hard Right; an ADK A51TC 5" from the 12th fret, panned hard Left; a Nakamichi CM700 2' behind and 2' above the Neumann, pointed down toward the soundhole and panned Center. An odd mike arrangement, I'll confess! The solo guitar track was recorded on the Neumann set about 5" straight out from the soundhole. My Goodall Standard rosewood/cedar was used for the solo.

The mike setup for TFQ was: two Oktava MC012s about 10" out from the guitar - one directed at the saddle, the other at the neck-body joint - and an ADK A51TC opposite the soundhole about 14" out. The three mikes are panned hard L, hard R and center respectively.

The signal chain included an ADesigns MP2 tube pre on the Oktavas and an mAudio DMP3 on the ADK, then a Yamaha i88x interface, an RNC compressor (on TFQ only), and finally Adobe Audition. Very minimal effects on both tunes, just light noise reduction, reverb and light compression."

Tunings: "Alternate tunings on both. Reckless: DGDGBD, partial capo on 2 (strings 2, 3, 4). TFQ: CGCDGD, full capo on 2."




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