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Songs: Why We Fight (AGF CD 1), Fade Away (AGF CD 2)

About the Music: "Song is an original composition. It was written in 2006. This song was submitted becasue I think it has the most depth of my recent compositions. I also believes It was the song I felt best represented the mood or feel of my last EP "Dying on the Vine." As atrist we always struggle to feel good about stuff so oer the years I've learned to accept the results of the art as much as the inspiration behind it. In doing so I find that I can move on to the next thought and still retain some personal satisfaction in the music itself.
As for content, Many people hear the song and believe it was written about a love relationship such as a wife/girlfriend when in actuality, the inspiration was a rocky relationship with my father. Most the lyrics stemmed out of the abandonment I felt when he left. At its heart, it seems to works on a few different levels for listeners and I'm proud of that."

Instruments / Recording Information: "Two Acoustics were used on this track. 2004 Martin D-41 and 1997 Taylor 814 4. Initial tracks were recorded at SoundTown studios in Hurst TX and finished up at a home studio operating under the name Bedington House Studios. Both sessions were engineered by Chris Clayton. Matering was done by OTR Mastering in Euless TX by Jeff Lowes"




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